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Top NFT marketplace Opensea announces to add Polygon support on its Seaport Protocol

On August 30, the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, announced in its blog the integration of Polygon support, a layer two scaling solution, on its Seaport Protocol implementation.

After various months of valuable feedback collection and noticing Seaport’s impact, we are eager to present Polygon’s support. We will also be adding support for Klaytn and other EVM- compatible chains too, in the upcoming months.

OpenSea further followed up the declaration with a tweet, indicating what clients should anticipate from the upcoming integration.

In the month of June, OpenSea switched to the Seaport protocol. The relocation was executed to handle the high gas fees of Ethereum and bypass the requirement to pay an account setup fee for new clients. 

Moreover, Seaport protocol, an open-source web-3 marketplace would permit OpenSea clients to save up to 35% on Ethereum gas fees.

Web-3 security firms such as OpenZeppelin and Trail of Bits evaluated that the protocol was first launched on Ethereum, supporting to form of a more feature-rich experience for the community of OpenSea, while bringing the expense down to utilise the web3 marketplace.

OpemSea assessed that the total fees saved per year due to shift would account for $ 460 million.

The company believed that the Seaport support on polygon would facilitate the execution of new features such as multiple creator payouts, bulk transfers, collection and attribute offer and no listing thresholds.

Among the following new features, the central point of attraction would be its ability to utilise MATIC, a polygon native token, for buying and listing on OpenSea.

OpenSea said, “as a shift to Seaport includes OpenSea now supporting polygon native token, MATIC, as a payment option. Anyone willing to do a transaction on Polygon by using OpenSea will be required to pay for their own gas fees for doing a transaction using Matic.”

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