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Top Meme coin ApeCoin and Mehracki all set to change perception of users about meme coins

In the past meme coins were always seen as a joke with no utility but the current meme coin like ApeCoin (APE) and the upcoming meme token Mehracki (MKI) offers great utility to the ecosystem and also change the perception of the meme coins among crypto investors.

The ApeCoin crypto project has a unique set of Ape NFTs, an animated ape collection made by artists. Moreover, if we look into the utility part, then the coin is governed by the ERC-20 chain and is a prime utility token, used inside the Ape ecosystem to boost and engage decentralised communities.

Notingly, ApeCoin crypto project allows users to decide on how the ApeCoin ecosystem fund ought to be utilized through the decentralised administration framework. Moreover, ApeCoin is used by third-party developers to give access to that part of the ecosystem that is not easily accessible like games and services.

On the other hand, Mehracki (MKI) meme coin is a community-driven feel-good token. Mehracki tokens allow users to vote for the changes they want in the Mehracki system for better functioning of the ecosystem. 

In addition to that, the utility model of the Mehracki system is that it verifies and confirms the transaction in the system. Apart from this, Mehracki also serves as a unitary value between the users and the hospitality business.

Mehracki token has real-life implications, allowing users to take control of their MKI finances without getting worried about exchange and transaction fees involved in swapping. 

Both the team of ApeCoin and Mehracki are trying their level best to disprove the crypto community that meme coins are no longer a laughter ecosystem.

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