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Top cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase CEO predicts big firms might play major role in growth of cryptocurrency

In an interview with CNBC on August 24, Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, provided his views on the present and future of cryptocurrency.

Brian said in an interview, “We want every firm on the planet to integrate into digital currency. It resembles saying that we believe all organizations should have an Internet presence or to involve with the web somehow or another. Even if they’re not a web business, they will have a landing page or perhaps get new clients on the web or take payments.”

Brian says that big tech will play a significant role in crypto. According to Brian, some tech leaders such as BlackRock and Meta have partnered with Coinbase, which clearly demonstrates the way organisations can effectively execute transactions with users, which will be encouraging for the future.

Moreover, the tech entrepreneur firmly believes that the ongoing crypto winter, which has been happening since last year, will end by mid-2023. Brian further expressed that the firms are aware of the recession in the current financial environment. However, the firms would get past it in time.

The Coinbase CEO highlighted that instead of fluctuating price charts, Coinbase is focused on long-term goals.

Brian said, “We have this interior saying that I like to repeat a ton, which is – It is never as great as it appears. It is never as awful as it appears.”

Subsequently, he said, Coinbase’s prosperity comes from the way that it isn’t unaffected by short-term market changes. “If we don’t get diverted and continue building incredible products, we will do fine in the coming five or 10 years.”

 In a closing remark, the CEO said he is pleased by how extended staking has improved the crypto space, especially projects like Polygon (MATIC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), and Optimism (OP).

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