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Top crypto exchange Zonda all set to offer its virtual asset service in Italy

Zonda, the top cryptocurrency exchange in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, has been granted an official permit from the OAM (Organismo Agenti e Mediatori) to provide virtual asset services in Italy.

As Zonda continues on a path to expand its footprint throughout Europe and the world, the licensing from the OAM comes as an important step for the firm.

Moreover, Zonda believes that to maintain the user’s safety, compliance with all international and local regulations is important.

Now, by getting the OAM permit, they can offer their services to Italian clients in the most secure and consistent way possible.

Zonda CEO, Przemys┼éaw Kral, expressed his views and said, “getting a license from the Italian regulatory authorities is a significant step for our global expansion efforts, which further strengthen our position as one of the most secure and well-regulated crypto exchanges in Europe.”

As the company expands, Zonda hopes to obtain more such approvals from other global jurisdictions, as obtaining regulatory approval is Zonda’s top priority. With a foot in Italy, Zonda is looking for licences in Switzerland and the United Kingdom, where licencing procedures are underway.

Zonda CMO, Barnabas Goh, said, “It’s important for any company to have a public acknowledgment line up with its practiced reality. As an organization that constantly looks to simplify and get the full range of trading processes for investors, we are glad for one more proper acknowledgment of our regulatory responsibility and ambitions.”

Moreover, by freely registering on the Zonda site, Italian users can freely access a variety of trading tools and invest in over 60 cryptocurrencies.

Zonda is one of the biggest crypto exchange platforms in Europe and was established in 2014. It had a registered user base of more than 1 million. Moreover, Zonda has a strict policy and AML and KYC procedure to fight against terrorism financing and money laundering.

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