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Top crypto exchange Binance adds SHIB on its Binance card as a payment token

On August 5, Shib announced via tweet that Binance will be adding SHIB as a payment token on its Binance card.

In the past, SHIB had been taking the payment route to provide more utility to the crypto world. Apart from this, many brands and merchants have started to accept SHIB as a mode of payment.

Moreover, the digital exchange also posted that it would be adding some more tokens/coins to its Binance card. 

The utility of Binance card is just like a credit and debit card, through Binance card the users can now pay to merchants around the globe by using their cryptocurrencies.

Earlier, Shiba Inu was unable to make its position on Binance but now with the addition of Shib on Binance card, the Shiba Inu investors can pay to over 60 million merchants around the world, where Binance card is accepted as long as they have Binance card.

The users will also get the special perks for using Shiba such as 8% cashback and zero annual and FX fees.

Moreover, Binance has added 14 cryptocurrencies to its Binance cards such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BUSD and many more with the plan of adding two more cryptocurrencies namely Ripple (XRP) and Avalance (AVAX).

Presently, the Binance card is only accessible to EEA people and Ukrainian refugees in EEA.

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