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Thor star Anthony Hopkins collabs with Orange Comet to launch his own NFT collection

Thor star and veteran actor Anthony Hopkins is starting a new NFT collection on his life as an artist after releasing an NFT movie.

Thor movie star and veteran Hollywood actor Anthony Hopkins collaborates with Orange Comet, an art+entertainment firm specialising in NFT minting and promotion services, in order to promote his inaugural NFT collection based on his life. Orange Comet revealed the collaboration on August 17.

The three-day NFT series “The Eternal Collection” will begin with this batch, according to Orange Comet. Over the course of this period, more than 1000 unique pictures of the actor based on various archetypes will be made available to collectors. Hopkins had a greater interest in amassing an NFT collection to honour his filmography when his film Zero Contact was made available as an NFT on Vuele. He was so curious that before making his first purchases, he even asked Snoop Dogg’s advice.

In a Yahoo Finance interview, Hopkins claimed that “NFTs give a blank canvas to develop art in a new format.” He emphasised that NFTs allow people of all ages to share their artistic inspiration with one another in return. As he said:

“I’m arguably the oldest man in the NFT group and on social media, demonstrating that anyone can do anything.”

According to Orange Comet CEO Dave Broome, the collection will debut on OpenSea in the middle of September. There will be ten of Hopkins’ most important archetypes, such as Odin from Marvel’s “Thor” and Hannibal Lecter from “Silence of the Lambs.”

To give lovers and collectors a visual understanding of the actor’s varied career features, Hopkins’ collection was developed.

On the first day of the auction, Hopkins will greet and welcome guests, and they will be able to depart with a signed Hopkins art book. 1,000 original works of art will be offered for sale on the third day, and 39 signed books of Hopkins’s artwork will be given away at random to buyers who desire a closer look at his poetry and other works. In addition, the actor will hold a video conference with five selected fans via Discord.

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