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Tel Aviv all set to host Israel Crypto Conference in month of September and December

In a recent press release on August 26, ICC (Israel Crypto Conference) revealed the dates of the September developer event followed by the December main conference event.

After successful December 2021 and May 2022 conference events, ICC is scheduled to do twin conferences in 2022 i.e. in September and December.

The first event is going to happen on September 22. The September event is fully dedicated to web3 developers. This one-day event will bring together blockchain engineers, GameFi developers and investors to harness the reality of web3.

Moreover, the event is going to take place at Tel Aviv’s ZOA TLV, the central place of Israel’s growing blockchain and crypto sector. The event will run from 13:00 to 21:00. The September event consists of case studies and practical workshops.

The crypto enthusiasts and web-3 communities will attend the event from Israel and all around the globe, explaining the technique and the way they are harnessing blockchain technology to a great extent.

The main ICC conference event took place on 7-8 December. The entire two-day December event is scheduled to happen at the exact location i.e., Tel Aviv, featuring industry leaders, partners and more than 1000 delegates.

Notingly, the keynote speakers and Panels will touch on the topics such as metaverse, DeFi, NFTs, banking, regulation and Algorand.

ICC web-3 event is seen as a purpose for training the developers in skills required to master growing technology. Skills such as blockchain deployment, smart contracts, oracles, AI/ML and distributed storage will be covered.

Israel Crypto Conference is a two-day event hosted every December at Tel Aviv. It unites the greatest minds in the crypto industry to share thoughts, ideas and explore opportunities and advance learning.

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