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Tattoo Industry Aims To Attract NFT Potential Customers

With the rise of human civilization, people all over the world have been getting tattoos, and this tradition has persisted despite several societal transitions and advances in medical science. In an effort to stay modern in a society that is becoming more and more dominated by technology, the art form has recently begun to experiment with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Keith McCurdy, often known as “Bang Bang” in the tattoo business, is one of the artists who aspires to combine the values of tattoo culture with the disruptive technologies that are now available. He uses a new kind of tattoo ink that can be erased and rewritten and that can be seen or not seen depending on how bright the light is.

According to Bang Bang, over the past five years, scientists at the University of Colorado have developed a tattoo ink made of photochromic microcapsules. This technology, which has been dubbed “tech tattoos,” leaves a color-changing mark that is activated by UV light. As a result, the tattooed image changes as it reacts to UV light, which Bang Bang said was a first for the industry. He views the technology as a method to connect the yearning for individuality that is prevalent in the tattoo culture with the verifiable distinctiveness of NFTs. Back in June, he sold the first rewritable tattoo as a 1/1 non-fungible token for the equivalent of one hundred ether (ETH), which was roughly one hundred thousand dollars at the time.

Tattoo industry will expand with technologies and devices​:

Amoia, who is also an angel investor, thought of the concept two years ago and made the decision to establish his own firm that would concentrate on the unrealized potential of integrating NFTs with tattoos. He said that tattoo artists Mike Rubendall, Matt Skinny, and Bj Betts would sign the first PFP character collection that will be produced for the initiative.

NFTs are digital objects whose authenticity can be validated on a blockchain. These digital objects possess qualities such as non-interchangeability and uniqueness, and they are not tradeable with other items. Although they may be placed in a variety of categories, the most notable ones in which they are now emerging include blockchain-based video games, works of art, and musical compositions. During the epidemic, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become the most important thing in the art world. At major auction houses, digital tokens sell for tens of millions of dollars. 

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