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Swedish Ice hockey club Rogle introduces NFT driven co-operation with Locker token

Swedish Ice hockey club Rogle has announced an NFT-driven cooperation with Locker Token, which brings one step closer to the linked future of sports and blockchain technology. The cooperation, as outlined in an official statement, not only creates a formal link between the two organisations, but it also provides a look into Rogle’s aim to launch players and in-game events as NFTs — with the help of Locker blockchain engineers.

As a result of the partnership, during the forthcoming season of the SHL, Rogle players will have the Locker emblem displayed on the front of their team helmets, and Locker will become the official NFT partner of the Rogle club.

It has been suggested that the upcoming rollout of team- and sports-driven NFTs inside the Locker ecosystem would be a component of a more comprehensive strategy for engaging fans and teams. Rogle is the first team in the SHL to provide fans access to their players and team identity, which can be used by fans to create custom memorabilia that strengthens the connections and engagements that exist between fans and teams alike.

These purchases of moments will provide fans of sports their own personal piece of NFT-created history, including goals, hits, and even conflicts between players, all of which are included in the mix of moments that may be minted.

The ultimate goal of the Locker ecosystem is to establish itself as one of the leaders in the field of sports and cryptocurrency solutions. To achieve this goal, it is collaborating with the most successful teams in the relevant sports in order to “pool” their respective fan bases into its marketplace. After that, customers will be able to purchase in-game virtual items with real money at halftime of live sports events.

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