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SupraOracles all set to offer more crypto investors to Polygon based launchpad Kommunitas

As per a blog post on SupraOracles website of July 20, SupraOracles is collaborating with Kommunitas which will allow Kommunitas to attract more crypto investors and potential projects. SupraOracles is a company that connects traditional financial markets with the web3 world and Kommunitas is a multi-chain crowdfunding bridge that helps projects optimise network exposure by connecting several protocols under a single launchpad.

SupraOracles and Kommunitas collaboration

Due to collaboration, Kommunitas will be able to deliver a seamless and consistent cross-chain crowdfunding functionality using SupraOracles’ interoperable oracles. The chain agnostic feature of SupraOracles will also enable Kommunitas to extend its platform feature which will ultimately enhance its launchpad’s selling capacity by getting exposure to a larger audience.

On the announcement, Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of SupraOracles stated:

“We are happy to support Kommunitas in their quest to create a borderless launchpad, and provide value to projects from across the decentralised ecosystem.”

What does Kommunitas actually do?

Kommunitas is a multi-chain crowdfunding bridge that supports various token fundraising. It makes it possible to allow organisations looking for a token variety to optimise their crowdfunding possibilities and attract more crypto investors. The Kommunitas supports Polygon, Ethereum, BSC, Solana, and Avalanche blockchain projects. Further, it is a tier-less system, which is created and built to enable any user to participate in and fund projects without limitation. 

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles provides links among web3 world and conventional financial markets. Their objective is to provide a robust cross-chain oracle to the tech community. SupraOracles connects real-time data to public and private networks. It allows compatible smart contracts to secure financial markets’ stability. It also gives developers a framework for creating, deploying, and management of the data applications with improved performance and resilience.

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