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Stack Browser unveils its plan to sell lifetime licence as NFTs

Stack Browser announces its plan to provide a lifetime licence of its subscription service via the sale of non-fungible tokens. Stack Browser is now one of the first SaaS products that is selling access to its premium edition as the main benefit of an NFT. This distinction was achieved as a result of this recent development.

Stack Browser is a spatial browser that is fundamentally collaborative and has a whole new style, appearance, and manner for arranging and accessing the content available on the Internet! It comes with Multiplayer Rooms, which enable users to have friends, coworkers, and online material arranged in an amicable manner inside the same location.

The Stack Browser NFT project is the first one of its kind, and it gives users access to the browser as a direct utility. The browser is the most crucial tool.

Owners of Stack Browser NFT may get Unlimited Rooms for the purpose of arranging their website content as well as Collaborative Spaces with up to 55 seats. If you did not purchase NFT, the yearly cost of these features may reach up to $7,000.

The Stack Browser NFT project is an unadulterated example of an NFT utility! However, due to the fact that the team places a high value on aesthetically pleasing design, they have chosen to do something particularly noteworthy with the NFT graphics as well.

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