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South Korean man gets 4-years jail for sex crimes in metaverse

The rising rate of crime over the internet is not just due to the fact that the internet provides direct access to people who are interested in this kind of illegal activity, but it is also because of how open the internet has made everyone. According to a news agency in South Korea, a man in his thirties was given a sentence of four years in prison for violating the “Act on the Protection of Children and Youth.”

The identity of the individual has not been disclosed by the sources due to privacy concerns; nonetheless, the allegations that he coerced youngsters into recording and submitting obscene images and films of their bodies between December of the previous year and March of this year have been made. The sources also mentioned he created and stored content that was sexually exploitative of children and adolescents that he had lured onto the metaverse.

This news surprised and shocked many users of the metaverse because this is not something one could expect to happen in a virtual environment. In addition to this, South Korea is well-known for its strict regulations on crypto firms, which aim to prevent fraudsters from exploiting the cryptocurrency market.

Despite the fact that police are doing a very thorough investigation into this case, they have discovered that the suspect established contact with his juvenile victims on a South Korean metaverse platform. There, he offered them gifts in an effort to lure them to interact with him. In order to further mislead his prey about his true age, he hid behind an online persona known as an avatar.

The person who committed the crime was also prohibited from working for a minimum of seven years in any organisation in which he would have been allowed to interact with handicapped people or minors. In addition to this, he was ordered to participate in therapy for sexual offenders for a total of eighty hours.

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