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Solana suffers another major outage

Solana, the premier blockchain platform, has had another network failure. According to a recent tweet from the Solana team, the network is down and unable to process transactions. According to the Solana team, the ecosystem’s developers are currently attempting to determine the problem and restart the network.

On September 30, around 7:01 p.m. EST, the Solana Status site, managed by the Solana Foundation, reported that the network was “experiencing decreased performance” and that Solana developers were trying to resolve the problem. Soon after, Solana tweeted that the network is “down and not processing transactions.”

The Solana codebase should have addressed the issue, but for unexplained reasons, it resulted in an unrecoverable division or fork. They believe the misconfiguration was unintentional, “most likely a faulty node failover setup.” The Solana mainnet network was resumed at the latest verified slot, 153139220, by developers. The reboot was 49% complete at the time of publication, and Solana had been offline for 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Anatoly Yakovenko, the co-founder of the platform, reportedly claimed that Solana’s ongoing network problems were a “curse” placed upon the company. The network’s inexpensive transactions are to blame for its interruptions.

The co-founder of Solana claims that although the network itself has not been impacted, the disturbances have limited the use of the network by its users. He also asserted that every blockchain is built differently and has a failure case.

The site abruptly shut down for four hours and ten minutes in June due to the previous network breakdown. The numerous disruptions this year have no obvious cause. The two outages that occurred in April and May were brought on by “stalled consensus,” whereas the outage that occurred in June was brought on by a runtime error that allowed a failed transaction to be carried out again.

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