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Solana co-Founder believes outages aren’t entirely BAD on network

According to Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana, network outages continue to be the blockchain’s largest obstacle. The Solana network, which was unveiled in 2020, has apparently been plagued by network issues caused by various congestion and spam incidents.

Yakovenko stated in an interview with Raoul Pal, co-founder of Real Vision, that network disruptions have been a hurdle for Solana due to the network’s low-cost transactions. While the outages have prevented users from using the network. Yakovenko claims that the network itself has not been affected, pointing out that each blockchain is created separately, with its own failure case. For example, Yakovenko stated that when Bitcoin manufacturing was previously halted for two hours, it was received properly by the community.

Yakovenko further stated that Solana was designed to be a high-speed smart contract platform capable of processing 30 million transactions per day. The amount of transactions processed by Solana exceeds the total number of transactions performed by other chains combined.

Solana blockchain saw seven outages, five of which occurred in 2022. The longest outage occurred on September 17,2021, and lasted 17 hours.

These disruptions, according to Yakovenko, were caused by validators being unable to process transaction volumes at peak transaction hours.

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