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Shitcoins: South Korean professor creates toilet that turns poop into cryptocurrency

Shitcoins are now available, and they are a brilliant idea. This is undoubtedly among the greatest developments in crypto to date.

Urban and environmental engineering professor Cho Jae-weon teaches at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, and has created an environmentally friendly toilet that converts poop into energy and pays in cryptocurrencies. Professor Cho Jae-weon is the creator of the BeeVi toilet, which combines the concepts of bees and vision.

Instead of using buckets of water, the toilet employs a suction function to transport the waste into an underground tank. Specially placed microorganisms in the tank break down the faeces and convert it to methane. The building then uses the methane as energy. It has so far been used to power a solid oxide fuel cell, a gas burner, and water heating. 

 “If we think creatively, we can create electricity and manure from feces.” I’ve circulated this value ecologically, ” Cho stated.

 Given that, public areas like gyms and restaurants want people to come and spend time in the tiniest rooms in their building, as the more people defecate in your toilet, the more energy you will have. Ggool, which translates to “honey,” is a crypto or Shitcoin created by Professor Cho with the intention of encouraging individuals to defecate where it will be useful. Everyone who contributes a poop to the designated throne receives 10 Ggool.

 The Ggool can already be used to make purchases. On-campus shopping is available to university students for items like coffee, noodles, and books.

 There is no reason why people can’t turn this into a huge entity, despite the opinion of some critics that it isn’t worthwhile unless it works at scale. A daily intake of 500 grams of the good stuff results in 50 litres of methane gas, which produces 0.5 kWh of electricity. An automobile can be driven for 1.2 km (0.75 miles) on this.

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