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SHIB Metaverse introduces concept artwork of WAGMI Temple hub to SHIB users

On September 9, @ShibTheMV, an official Twitter account of SHIB Metaverse, appreciated the community via tweet for attending an evening fireside chat on @Shibtoken Discord.

Moreover, the tweet also surprised the SHIB community by introducing the Temple Hub, a concept artwork.

It also introduced an image of the WAGMI Temple hub. THIRD FLOOR studio has shared the image of the concept artwork and is working on the production of the Metaverse alongside SHIB developers.

The artwork has gazebos, mountains, and a waterway moving from a cascade, alongside two sculptures of Shiba Inu dogs that look like sphinxes.

In the metaverse, Hubs are the virtual land pieces that have the highest value. As the metaverse goes into the introductory stage, there are 100,595 virtual land plots, and almost 36,500 will be unlocked and sold. About 6,000 proprietors have bought almost 20,000 hubs.

On August 30, for the first time in a blog post, the team of Shib Metaverse announced the concept of the WAGMI Temple hub. It will help clients to remember a Zen-styled domain and permit them to ponder and encounter quiet sensations like yoga practices.

The Temple Hub design was inspired by temples all over the globe, such as in Africa, Japan, China, and many different nations.

Moreover, the Metaverse team of Shiba Inu recruited Brandie Konopasek, an accomplished veteran of the media industry who worked at Technicolor and Netflix.

Brandie Konopasek has a total of 15 years of experience in the entertainment sector. She spent five years of those 15 years on Netflix’s post-production supervisory crew.

In the early years of her career, Brandie collaborated with many great personalities from the entertainment industry, like Oscar-winning Mexican cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, popularly known for the “Birdman” film.

Brandie now plans to start work on the SHIB metaverse, asserting that it is going to be an “exciting experience” for her and that the community vision of the Metaverse is “breathtaking.”

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