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Shib burn rate hits 1900% after Shib eternity download date postponed

On October 1, as per the Shibburn tracker report, a record number of Shiba Inu tokens were moved to dead wallets during the course of a day. This burn rate results in a rise in canine tokens. Burn rate for SHIB jumps 1,900% According to data from Shibburn’s website, the burn rate has increased dramatically over the last 24 hours compared to the same time the previous year by a startling 1,867.60%.

This time, 268,160,328 SHIB in total have been transferred to non-spendable wallets and locked there permanently. This time, Shibburn actually burned the most portion of SHIB; this platform sent 257,495,644 meme tokens to a “inferno” wallet.

About Shib Eternity

Shiba Eternity is an online collectible card game with a huge number of SHIB-inspired cards. These will have a unique card designed after SHIB founder Ryoshi, as Shytoshi tweeted. All of the cards make further connections to the Shiba ecology. Shiba Eternity, a well-known blockchain-based card collectible game, is also expected to play an important part in burning SHIB tokens by allocating 5% of its revenue to the burn, which has previously been plagued by a weak burn rate.

In the latest Interview, Shiba Discord admin Queenie stated that the cards “pay respect to previous legendary games and it stays with our meme legacy.”

Shiba Inu Eternity’s download date postponed

According to a report on Saturday, the Shib eternity’s official download day was scheduled for October 1, but has been rescheduled to October 6. Shytoshi Kusama, the primary creator of the game, will unveil all the mythology and plans for this collectable card game for smartphones.

The game’s 5% earnings would go toward SHIB fires, according to earlier reports. The game was tested in Vietnam in August, where it quickly gained popularity. On iOS, the initial launch happened in Australia. Shiba Eternity was then made available on Android devices as well.




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