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SEC requests court to submit 90 page long document against declaration of experts retained by Ripple

On August 24, James K. Filan, Ripple defense lawyer, shared the new updates of the ongoing Ripple-SEC case via tweet, “The SEC requested to file one enormous reply of up to 90 pages long, in further support of its movement to reject or restrict the declaration of ten specialists retained by Ripple defendants.”

SEC attorney in a letter to Judge Analisa Torres seeks to submit a document containing one omnibus answer to help its movement to avoid the declaration of accused specialist witnesses, up to 90 pages long. The court recently permitted the SEC’s request to file an opening brief supporting its motion of up to 120 pages long.

Further, the letter expressed, “Although the request doesn’t explicitly indicate a page limit for answers, it provides that the responses and motions shall be limited to 15 pages.”

As per the letter , “the SEC’s proposed 90-page limit for an omnibus answer is 60 pages shorter than it, in any case, would be at 15 pages for each specialist, 30 pages shorter than the page limit the court permitted for the SEC’s initial omnibus brief, and 26 pages more limited than the accused omnibus brief contrary to the motion.”

Moreover, SEC also mentioned that the defendant did not comply with its request.

At the beginning of July, District Judge Torres permitted the SEC’s movement for permission to record a 120-page omnibus (giant) motion to reject or restrict the master declaration of 10 Ripple defendants’ specialists.

Revealing insight of the two movements documented by the SEC, ex-federal lawyer James K. Filan explains: “One is the initial request to record an omnibus movement to prohibit, and this one is a movement to document an omnibus answer to the initial movement.” It allows both parties just to document one large report each, covering everything.”

Bill, legal advisor on Twitter and digital asset enthusiast, trusts the SEC’s step to restrict Ripple’s specialist declaration was fairly expected, provided the incredible resources at Ripple’s disposal. 

However, AtheistAgnstVio, a Twitter user, firmly believes that the most recent step taken by the SEC seems like another postponed strategy.

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