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SEC Vs Ripple: SEC and Ripple Defendants submitted motions for summary judgement

A former federal prosecutor and lawyer, James K. Filan on September 14 informed via tweet that the Ripple vs SEC case has ultimately entered into the deciding phase of the Summary Judgement procedure and parties of both sides have presented their movement related to the process.

Will this be the end of the Ripple vs SEC case?

The SEC has submitted its motion against ripple and the defendants for summary judgement. Nonetheless, the records are submitted under the seal. The lawyer referenced that the SEC has recorded a statement of Daphna A. Waxman. She was a group member that launched the inspection over Ripple.

According to the Filan, SEC has presented approximately 400 Exhibit and sub-exhibit in the Ripple lawsuit. Milan also emphasized that as the filed proposal is under the seal, it is unclear whether the notice of Law supports the motion.

summary judement

Filan added that the motions are documented distinctively in the telegram case, however, every case is unique. Filan highlighted that the US SEC presented its memorandum in the Ripple vs SEC case in support of its summary judgement movement. It incorporates announcements and explanations with more than hundreds of exhibits.

Earlier news media announced that Defendants went against the SEC’s enticement for sealing doc uncovering specialists’ identities.

Filan added that Ripple along with other litigants has also recorded their movement for the Summary judgement In the SEC versus Ripple case under the seal. It incorporates the notice of Law in support of the movement. While it also holds the announcement of Michael Kellogg and 106 different pieces of exhibits.

The lawyer informed that the groups on September 19, 2022 will document publicly redacted renditions. The revised version of the briefs are on the side of the movements. Nonetheless, these will be temporary redactions mentioned by the gatherings.

In the meantime, John Deaton spread the chance of the commission forming a settlement in the SEC versus Ripple lawsuit.

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