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Samsung to secure its smart product via blockchain based security system

The industry leader in technology, Samsung, has made the announcement on October 13, that it would embrace blockchain technology in order to improve the security protocols of all of its smart products.

Its new security solution for “cross-device experiences” is called Knox Matrix, and it is built on blockchain technology. This indicates that the security layer protects all Samsung products connected to the network, including mobile phones, tablets, and home appliances.

According to Samsung, Knox Matrix will function as an individual’s “own private blockchain system,” meaning that all of an individual’s networked gadgets will be outfitted with the blockchain multi-layered surveillance. This covers various technological devices, such as smartphones, air conditioners, and also smart televisions.

The newly implemented security update is meant to simplify the process of logging in for users while protecting them against attacks that target their credentials. According to the release, all Samsung devices, regardless of whether they are based on Android, Tizen, or another OS, would deploy Knox Matrix and get an universal software development kit (SDK). This follows the recent statement made by the firm on its new partnership with Google to enhance the experiences of using several smart devices inside the house.

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