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Russian authorities calls social media giant Meta as terrorist organisation

On October 11, the Federal Financial Monitoring Service or Rosfinmonitoring, classified the social media giant Meta as a extremist and terrorist firm. Meta (Facebook), has been included in list of companies engaged in extremist and terrorism operation.

social media giant meta

Earlier, Russia asserted that Meta belonged to an extremist group. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media websites like Twitter were all banned by Russian authorities.

However, they did permit access to WhatsApp. After Russia’s prohibition, Meta appealed in a Moscow court but their appeal was dismissed by the court.

Russia stated that Meta Platforms Inc. allegedly involved in extreme acts against Russia. Additionally, Russia also stated that the Meta was practising “Russophobia.” 

State prosecutors asserted that Meta permits people from other countries to commit crimes against Russians. Additionally, they stated that Meta was intentionally creating chaos against Russia and Russian residents.

Apart from that, prosecutors also asserted that Meta was depressing voices that supported Russia following its war on Ukraine. Meta opposed all of these accusations, and submit an appeal which later got dismissed.

Nevertheless, experts asserted that Russia’s prohibition of social networking sites was an assault on the right to speech. 

Experts said that Russia is attempting to regulate information flow and trying to depress opposition. Social media has grown into a significant forum for opposition against Russia.

The cryptocurrency market and the larger general market are currently closely intertwined. The stability of the world economy has been affected by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Russian sanctions might have a negative effect on the world economy. However, the most significant effect is the rising inflation rates.

US President Joe Biden has consistently blamed Vladimir Putin for rising inflation rates in the US. Since Russia invaded Ukraine, energy prices have increased sharply. Central bank involvement in quantitative tightening resulted in global stock market collapse.

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