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The Fabricant, RLTY, and World of Women collaborate for the Metaverse Fashion Event

RLTY, The Fabricant, and World of Women are collaborating on a one-of-a-kind 3-day metaverse fashion event. The event will take place from September 20–22, 2022. Users can take part in a massive, immersive digital fashion event, including some of the biggest names in the digital fashion and technology industries. The event is being hosted by RLTY in the Decentraland metaverse, in a custom-built fashion headquarters

RLTY, the metaverse event firm, is collaborating with two of the world’s largest web3 fashion brands, The Fabricant and World of Women (WoW). The three have collaborated to create a terrific virtual event for fashion and web3 fans. The Fabricant is an Amsterdam-based, renowned digital fashion firm. They are a major participant in the digital fashion sector, having previously collaborated with Adidas, Puma, and Under Armour.

The World of Women is more than just an NFT initiative. It’s a chance to highlight inclusivity and equal opportunity in the digital era. WoW NFTs are fashionistas and some PFPs would look right at home in a fashion show. It is an excellent location, with a vibrant and creative community. The 3-day event will feature the best of web3 fashion in a captivating and immersive world. The event is held at the fashion headquarters, “Synth Ave,” which is named after the famous New York fashion street, Fifth Avenue.

The RLTY team has made significant progress, and Synth Ave will be decked with World of Women NFTs, among other things, along its walls. This metaverse fashion event is a fantastic way to learn more about the digital fashion industry. There will also be music, entertainment, pop-up stores, and discussion panels at the event. Significantly, educational panels on digital fashion will be held by World of Women, The Fabricant, and other industry leaders. Furthermore, there is a cutting-edge VIP section!

The Fabricant x WoW original looks NFTs

The Fabricant and World of Women have designed 27 Decentraland original-looking NFTs to start the event. During the 3-day fashion metaverse event, these NFTs will be displayed as 3D rotating visuals. Attendees can purchase the various Decentraland original looks at the event using Decentraland’s native coin MANA.

The 27 fashion looks are part of a larger collaboration with 1000 NFT. Users can actually buy one right now on OpenSea. There will also be 1,000 The Fabricant x WoW crypto handbags for sale, as well as a limited edition supernova purse. The goal of this partnership is to highlight the potential of fashion in the metaverse while also alerting women to the vast possibilities of digital fashion.

Finally, users can reserve the tickets for the metaverse event on RLTY right now.

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