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Ripple joins hand with marketing based firm btrax to upgrade web3 business in Japan

On September 1, btrax, a San-Francisco-based design and marketing service provider company announced a partnership with Ripple, a blockchain firm.

In the collaboration, both btrax and Ripple will jointly work to establish a Web3 design lab that is based on the XRP Ledger.

The new service is expected to help Japanese firms in accelerating their Web3 business development.

CEO of Audio metaverse, Takahito Iguchi, was appointed as the lab’s executive advisor for this new service. Moreover, Iguchi also founded Tonchidot, an augmented reality startup in 2008. Apart from this, Iguchi also created Dabel, a unique voice streaming platform.

The project will be centered around teaching Japanese organisations about the use cases of Web-3 and promoting their development.

Moreover, for producing fresh business ideas in Web-3 space, the company will arrange workshops and camps in San Francisco. Additionally, the firm will also look for new trends and advancements in the web-3 space.

Ripple’s vice president of strategy and operations, Emi Yoshikawa, depicts the new association as a “testament” to the XRP Ledger’s strength.

Ripple has been a fixture for an extended period of time in the Japanese market. In order to enhance cross-border payment in cash to the Philippines, Ripple partnered with SBI Remit, one of the biggest money transfer providers in the country, last year. Ripple thought about moving its global headquarters to Japan prior to choosing to remain in San Francisco.

Despite a lawsuit against the US SEC, the firm continues with its worldwide expansion. Moreover, last month, Ripple also announced the new ODL (On-Demand Liquidity) payment service.

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