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PUBG’s future game will include NFTs and the Metaverse

Brendan Greene, the inventor of PUBG, intends to launch a game powered by blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse. Artemis, the next game, will allow users to create and play whatever they want in an Earth-sized virtual and open world setting. As blockchain firms provide gaming infrastructure, the expanding industry of blockchain, metaverse, and NFTs accelerates.

PUBG's future game will include NFTs and the Metaverse
PUBG’s future game will include NFTs and the Metaverse

In an interview on September 27, PUBG developer Brendan Greene stated that he aims to add blockchain, metaverse, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into its Earth-sized virtual and open world game Artemis.

The blockchain-powered game will empower gamers and creators with new options and experiences. Furthermore, metaverse and NFTs will bring new in-game features, products, and tokens, thereby launching a new digital economy. Additionally, developers will create previously unimaginable gaming experiences.

Artemis is not about money, but players and creators will be able to monetise their work. The game engine will be open-source, allowing anyone to modify it.

In the meanwhile, platforms and developers like Steam and Ubisoft have rejected blockchain games and NFT projects. Additionally, Minecraft’s prohibition on the usage of NFTs or blockchain has had an influence on crypto and blockchain enterprises.

NFT and Metaverse-Based Game on the Rise

People and other entities are increasingly interested in the NFT and metaverse firms, which are raising billions of dollars in funding. Walmart has entered the metaverse with the Roblox online game platform, delivering immersive experiences. In addition, MyMetaverse and blockchain platform Enjin have developed playable NFTs on the servers of popular titles Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft.

Axie Infinity and The Sandbox platform have also attracted a lot of attention due to in-game NFTs, metaverse, and the opportunity to commercialise and earn money. Companies such as Animoca Brands continue to invest in Web3, metaverse, and NFT technologies, particularly for gaming purposes, in order to become a market leader. Despite the bitcoin bear market, the company is expanding.

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