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Polygon: Ethereum Merge to reduce 99.1% of carbon footprint

Polygon reported that the upcoming Ethereum Merge will reduce 99.1% of the network's carbon emissions on September 6.

According to Polygon Network, 99.1% of the network’s carbon emissions will be eliminated at the impending Ethereum Merge. The upcoming Merge will greatly improve crypto mining’s environmental stability.

According to the firm, the Merge would likely result in a staggering 99.91% reduction in Polygon’s network carbon emissions, lowering the total figure to only 56.22 tCO2e. The Merge also aims to reduce Ethereum’s energy consumption by 99.99%. The Ethereum base layer activities of the Polygon chain are thought to be responsible for 99.92% of the chain’s emissions, according to the Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute (CCRI). According to the research, Polygon’s own PoS network is now to blame for 50.13 tCO2e.

Polygon made the network’s attempts to reduce its worldwide carbon impact public this year. Up to July 2022, the Polygon network has annual carbon emissions of 60,953.26 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e), according to a CCRI assessment. With this, the chain’s total emissions since its start have reached 94,782 tCO2e. The wider cryptocurrency ecosystem will gain from the Ethereum Merge.

The following was said by Stefan Renton, Sustainability Lead at Polygon:

“I believe that doing properly is only the start. We envisage blockchains and distributed ledger technology as fostering and expanding long-lasting positive effects on the world, helping to create a planet that is healthier, more just, and more affluent.”

According to the last blog post by Ethereum Foundation, The Merge will fully take place between September 15 to September 20. However, the Ethereum co-founder recently tweeted that the Ethereum Merge preparations are going well. That is why The Merge can happen before the scheduled date.

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