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Polygon co-founder skips Devcon 2022 in Bogota

On October 3, Sandeep Nailwal, one the co-founders of Polygon, has said that “due to safety concerns,” he will not be attending Devcon 2022 in Bogota, Colombia. He expressed his regret at not being able to catch up with his pals from the ETH community while he had the chance.

The Ethereum developers, researchers, and builders who will be attending Devcon, Bogota should expect a conference with a strong emphasis on technology. It will take place from the 11th to the 14th of October and will include speeches by notable personalities, such as the Researcher for the Ethereum Foundation, Danny Ryan, and the Executive Director of Ethereum, Aya Miyaguchi.

Shortly after tweeting his first comment, Nailwal reposted a post from Rok Capital Researcher @CryptoMckenna. In the article, @CryptoMckenna reported allegations of a member of the Solana engagement team being robbed at the Bogota airport.

The United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office issued a warning to its citizens about the potential for political rallies to become violent throughout Colombia. The report went on to say that the high prevalence of crime in the area is caused by the presence of armed organisations and criminal gangs that operate inside the nation.

From a safety standpoint, some people believe that Bogota is not much different from major cities in Europe such as Paris. The sentiments expressed in the original post were mirrored by others, with one commenter suggesting that the murder rate is 10 times higher than that seen in European cities.

On the other hand, the same poster made the point that things are trending in the right way according to the statistics, with things like more safety and a rising middle class.

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