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Pakistan uses Bitcoin services to fund terror in Jammu and Kashmir: SIA

The Jammu & Kashmir Special Investigative Agency (SIA) conducted a series of raids across the Union Territory on August 3 in order to investigate terrorism financing. SIA has found the sources used by Pakistan and its Pakistani Bitcoin traders to finance terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. The agency has seized documents from locations connected to the suspects, as well as SIM cards, mobile phones, and other devices.

According to a statement from a police spokesman, “the raids and searches were conducted on the homes of suspects in Poonch, Mendhar, Baramulla, Kupwara, and Handwara in connection with an inquiry launched at the Counter Intelligence Police Station in Srinagar.”

The police spokesman added:

“Details that are currently being investigated include a mastermind in Pakistan who, with the active assistance of Pakistani intelligence services and in collaboration with banned terrorist organization(s) in Pakistan, has been feeding slush money to their agents in J&K for distribution to further terrorist organization(s), secessionist(s), and terrorist actions in J&K.On the Pakistani mastermind, comprehensive information has been found. He has no other spies attached to him, thus his specifics are being kept a secret.”

According to him, searches were carried out at the residences of:

  • Zahida Bano of Hajinaka Manigah Hyhama, Kupwara
  • Ghulam Mujataba Deedad of Lone Hari, Kupwara
  • Tamjeeda Begum of Satkoji Rajwara, Handwara
  • Yasir Ahmad Mir of Mohammad Sayed Masoodi of Trajpora
  • Farooq Ahmad of Gagrian, Baramulla

He provided details about the investigation and stated:

“Preliminary research turned up proof that these people had received suspicious funds from Pakistan via Bitcoin trading. The inquiry has shown that the money transfer has been done to prevent the backtracking of its origin. Even if certain accounts-in-the-middle that have been used to layer the money are outside J&K, the effective whitewashing of the Pakistani money has taken place through the exploitation of loopholes in the global Bitcoin trade.”

According to him, crucial evidence kept on digital devices, SIM cards, mobile phones, and papers that are relevant to the inquiry has been collected during searches. Following data analysis and suspect interrogation, leads that surfaced would serve as the foundation for additional investigation.

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