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Oraichain Labs launches its asset tokenization platform

On September 21, Oraichain Labs US (OLUS), a new FinTech firm, made the announcement that it would debut with its asset tokenization platform. According to the press release, OLUS is intended to modernize and widen access to capital markets by establishing itself as a leader in the asset fractionalization industry.

The team also said that it planned to establish an infrastructure that was compliant, secure, and scalable with the intention of using the revolutionary potential of distributed ledger technology to simplify the process for asset owners as well as investors. OLUS said that it will employ blockchain technology to establish a safe and user-friendly platform for fractionalizing real-world assets. This would allow the company to respond to the growing demand for on-chain expertise.

OLUS said it would initially focus on bringing the value

OLUS said it would initially focus on bringing the value
OLUS said it would initially focus on bringing the value

It is hoped that the processes for asset issuance, management, and investment that are based on the blockchain provided by the platform will revolutionize capital markets. Additionally, the company said that it would provide tools to facilitate the on-chain validation of real-world assets. This would bring about new methods to access liquidity while guaranteeing that compliance would stay at the forefront of attention. OLUS is also working with the Oraichain Foundation to establish a compliance-aware token standard that is capable of enforcing KYC, transfer regulations, lockup periods, and other control functions.

This partnership pertains to the development of the technology behind the token. These are made with the intention of simplifying the process of complying with regulatory obligations for investors.

According to OLUS, its issuance procedures are flexible and able to accommodate a wide variety of investment kinds in a way that is legal. You may define and register assets on the OLUS platform by submitting the necessary documents on the blockchain, which can be done by both individuals and organisations. According to the company, it has also built technologies with the intention of simplifying the process of doing due diligence for underwriters and purchasers of privately-owned assets.

The issuers of assets have the ability to submit documentation for each asset to a decentralised file storage platform. This documentation is then hashed on-chain and permanently kept inside the corresponding metadata repository.

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