Nomura launches crypto-venture capital business
Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Nomura launches crypto-venture capital business

One of the largest investment banks in Japan, Nomura, has announced the formation of a new venture capital business that would invest in the cryptocurrency area. According to announcement made by Nomura on Wednesday, the new division will be given the name Laser Venture Capital and will make investments in businesses that are part of the digital ecosystem, with a particular emphasis on decentralised finance (DeFi), centralised finance (CeFi), web3 and blockchain infrastructure.

The new digital assets division of Nomura, which will be known as Laser Digital, will introduce its first product, which is going to be called Laser Venture Capital. The bank has future ambitions to develop other products centered on secondary trading and investor relations.

Nomura future plans:

Nomura future plans
Nomura future plans

In May, Nomura made the first announcement that it intended to launch a new cryptocurrency firm. It was said at the time that the division would provide goods and services related to cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, decentralised exchanges, network-based tokens, and other tokens to institutional customers and investors. Laser Digital Holdings AG, the bank’s holding company for its cryptocurrency business, was recently established in the Swiss canton of Zug.

As chairman and CEO of Nomura’s Laser Digital crypto business, respectively, Steven Ashley and Jez Mohideen will lead the company’s operations. As part of the responsibilities that come with his new position, Ashley has resigned from his prior position as the head of the wholesale business of the bank.

In 2010, Ashley became a member of the Nomura team. Okuda said in a separate statement that Ashley’s leadership would be “essential to the development and success of our new digital asset company.” Okuda made this comment in reference to the new digital asset business. 

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