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Nomad Bridge Hack Bounty: Nomad announces bounty for $190M hack

Nomad Bridge Hack Bounty: Nomad offers a bounty of up to 10% for the restoration of money taken in the most recent Nomad bridge hack.

Nomad Bridge announced a hack bounty of up to 10% for the recovery of the money that was taken during the recent Nomad Bridge attack on August 4. The business openly shared a wallet address for transferring the money in a website notice and on its official Twitter handle on August 5. As per the announcement, anyone who steps forward starting today or has previously returned money is eligible for the bounty. According to the reports, Nomad Bridge has already retrieved more than $20 million from the hacker.

Recently, the Nomad token bridge suffered from a major hack  with approximately $200 million in crypto assets being stolen by an anonymous hacker. Some even consider this attack to be one of the largest crypto thefts ever.However, Nomad does not waste any time in responding to both its users and hackers.

Pranay Mohan, co-founder and CEO of Nomad, made the following remarks in a public statement:

“The restoration of bridge user cash is our top priority. The community is what matters most in cryptocurrencies.”

According to Nomad, any hacker will be labelled a white hat hacker (ethical hacker) on the cross-chain blockchain bridge if they return at least 90% of the total amount of money they have stolen. 

He added that Nomad “will continue to engage with our partners, intelligence firms, and law enforcement to pursue all other criminal actors to the maximum extent under the law.” 

Nomad has already announced that it is working with TRM Labs and local authorities to track down hackers and recover the stolen crypto assets. Nomad rejected claims that it had ignored software bugs that would have resulted in such a vulnerability days after the hack.

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