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MyMetaverse and Enjin joins hand to launch NFTs on Minecraft and GTA

On September 14, MyMetaverse, a game-creating company and a blockchain network, Enjin jointly announced the launch of playable NFTs on well-known game servers like Minecraft and GTA V.(Grand Theft Auto).

A Tech news platform in their official report uncovered partnership development on September 14. As per the report, the NFTs of MyMetaverse’s came from the NFT collection named “MetaHome”. The NFTs are minted on Enjin’s Efinity NFT blockchain by the MyMetaverse. Enjin last year formed the Efinity chain on the network of Polkadot (DOT).

NFT in MyMetaverse can be used as playable instruments

Clients have the chance to utilize the NFTs as playable tools in the MyMetaverse game suite. The MyMetaverse game suite incorporates the servers of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 and Minecraft. The GTA 5 and Minecraft servers are named “Survival Infinity” and “Infinity Auto” respectively.

NFTs on Minecraft and GTA

Gamers usually utilise NFTs to take various forms in different gaming servers. GTA 5 gamers will consider the NFTs to be inconsistent operable vehicles on the Infinity Auto server. Nonetheless, Minecraft clients will see a unique sword on the servers of Survival Infinity. The two structures are operable to clients.

MyMetaverse mentioned that these NFTs are not official integration by the programmer of GTA 5 Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent organization. Moreover, the organization also noticed that neither developer of Minecraft, Mojang nor its parent organization Microsoft authoritatively supported the integration.

CEO and founder of MyMetaverse, Simon Kertonegoro, provided insight on the development and said, “We believe the most valuable NFTs will be those that have the greatest effect on individuals’ everyday experience. With utility in three different games, the MetaHome collection is an investigation of blockchain-enabled, cross-game interoperability.”

Besides Survival Infinity and Infinity Auto, The MetaHome NFT collection from MyMetaverse is currently being used in other gaming servers.  Moreover, these NFTs are exclusively on Enjin’s Efinity chain and they help Enjin to achieve in constructing the blockchain.

Blockchain network Enjin in March launched Efinity on the Polkadot blockchain. Enjin with its 1.1M clients, began Efinity by onboarding the NFT game CryptoBlades.  Many game creators after the launch, have shown interest in using Efinity, with more than 100 of them as of now working on projects on the chain.

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