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Microsoft comes in support of blockchain-based game StarHeroes to integrate blockchain tech in daily life

StarHeroes, a blockchain-based web3 game, has received a grant from Microsoft. Therefore, blockchain-based games are now available on Azure PlayFab alongside titles such as Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Microsoft provides a grant to Web3 gaming, StarHeroes

The grant would further reflect a shift in big corporations’ perspectives, as a growing number of institutional enterprises, organisations, and big organisations have indicated a deep desire to integrate blockchain technology into their everyday habits, operations, goods, and capabilities. This also marks the first instance that a big firm like Microsoft has provided such a grant to Web3 gaming.

StarHeroes is a 3rd person space game with dynamic space fights in a huge planet available to explore and conflict in 2 multiplayer modes: rankings and adventures. The project also demonstrates the Web3-based Play and Earn concept, which lets users win actual cash as a reward for gameplay.

StarHeroes is therefore a game for all, both blockchain gamers and conventional players may participate in the same tournament, with an emphasis on abilities, dedication, tactics, and player collaboration. StarHeroes game provides a competitive and active PvP environment, which is one of the most famous ones of games available today all over a variety of gaming categories.

Microsoft and StarHeroes collaborate to provide a pathway for blockchain gaming

The developers recently acknowledged the big achievement, particularly StarHeroes obtaining a grant from Microsoft, a technology titan. This award enables them to collaborate with prominent studios such as Ubisoft and Microsoft Studios. All of this paves the way for huge success by creating several outstanding chances for growth for both StarHeroes and its creators.

Therefore, the collaboration with Microsoft would provide a pathway for blockchain gaming with the objective of giving countless other equivalent games an opportunity to collaborate with significant organizations in the future. The game was in operation for almost 2 years, and now StarHeroes is gathering momentum and is quickly generating headlines across both crypto and conventional media.

Overall, the StarHeroes creators see tremendous promise in blockchain-based eSports games. StarHeroes might be a promising beginning for blockchain gaming in terms of attracting conventional gamers’ interest. In this regard, the StarHeroes game has been altered to facilitate the institution of eSports tournaments. StarHeroes, a blockchain-based web3 game has the ability to not just be a popular game on its own terms, but also to pave the way for additional blockchain-based games.

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