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MetaSolare unleashes power of creativity with new projects for “MusicFi,” “AnimeFi” and “GameFi”

“MetaSolare”, a new Web3 startup providing “MusicFi,” “AnimeFi,” and “GameFi” with DJ Steve Aoki and Masato Matsuura, chairman of Japanese entertainment company Avex, as co-founders. On August 22, the company made its official debut, revealing details about its planned Web3 project on its own website. The transition from Web2 to Web3 is almost complete, and new entertainment subgenres that fully utilise NFTs and tokens are starting to gain traction. Thoughts must change in this new period, and there must be an open architecture where people are in charge and actively involved in making decisions.

A new entertainment ecosystem needs three things: game technology, which permits significant interactive contact, financial elements, and blockchain technology, which allows users to own digital assets. MetaSolare does not seek to use knowledge and intellectual property as purely investment vehicles. Instead, it combines these three aspects in a way that makes it possible to jointly develop brand-new entertainment experiences in the areas of anime, gaming, and music.

Owners of MetaSolare tokens and NFTs will have the opportunity to directly influence the artists’ destiny. For example, owners of tokens and NFTs, for instance, will assist in the selection of new performers and artists and will support them as they prepare for their big debut, with livestreams being held often to showcase their progress.

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