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MeebitsDAO general manager all set to join Yuga Labs as Meebits brand lead

General manager of MeebitsDAO, Danny Greene, who operates the famous collection of NFTs, Meebits, is venturing down to become brand lead on August 8, at NFT studio Yuga Labs for Meebits.

Moreover, Danny’s role will be the same as he has been doing for the past 8 months. Still, a quiet upgradation in his role is, now his role would be to create community and utility for the Meebit holders and act as a liaison for the community and develop strategic partnerships.

During his serving time at MeebitsDAO, Greene dealt with various community-based projects. This incorporates the launching of NFT wearable Meekicks, creating the augmented reality of Meebits Snapchat and presenting the Meebot Mascot at NFT.NYC.

Apart from all this, Danny also does the podcast named Crypto Changemakers.

Greene puts his thoughts on the Meebits and says he considers Meebits more than just images. Further, he continues and said, “ it’s an avatar for the immersive metaverse. It was very clear that the Meebits are way ahead of their time and that the idea making of Larva Labs, the worth and utility that will be provided by Yuga Labs and the power of the enthusiastic Meebits community will make the Meebits an important asset for the long-term.”

The announcement of Danny becoming brand lead comes just after the news of Meebits and CryptoPunk soldiers getting licensed of intellectual property (IP) rights on August 15.

The holder’s right will permit them to make use of NFTs in commercial and private projects, putting them comparable with the community of the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Last month, Yuga Labs took a royalty of 5% on secondary sales of Meebits and 2.5% royalty on sales of Bored Ape.

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