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Lark Davis withdraws $2.5 million before bankruptcy hits Celsius

On October 7, an on-chain cryptocurrency sleuth by the name of ZachXBT found that cryptocurrency investor Lark Davis withdrew $2.5 million from Celsius while promoting the platform. According to ZachXBT, Davis began withdrawing funds from Celsius before reports the company faces bankruptcy..

The accusations made by ZachXBT are partially based on a financial report that was made public yesterday by Celsius as part of the court proceedings involving that company’s bankruptcy. The identities and transactions of every Celsius user are included in the report, including those of former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky and his wife, who withdrew a total of $12 million from the site in May 2022. Former Chief Security Officer Daniel Leon is suspected of withdrawing 11 million dollars.

The majority of the controversy is centred on Davis’ alleged promotion of Celsius to his audience. This was revealed in a screenshot taken from YouTube, in which he is purported to have said of the company, “I like it too,” despite the fact that he may have had insider information that caused him to withdraw his money from the platform.

Following claims of pump-and-dump techniques made by ZachXBT before the end of September 2022, several members of Davis’ YouTube viewership have found that the findings of Davis’ withdrawals have added insult to injury.

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