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Konami plans to enter into the emerging market of Metaverse and Web3

Konami, an entertainment company based in Japan, made the announcement on October 13 that it intends to put its foot into the emerging market of Metaverse and Web3 with new recruitment. This recruitment will take place in order to create the team that will allow them to enter the market for Virtual Reality.

Currently, the company has over 22 subsidiaries which are located in different countries all over the globe, including the United States of America, Australia, Japan, and others. The official statement says that Konami will “recruit a wide range of talent” to put all of its resources into the digital space, with the goal of getting into the virtual reality market.

The name of the Japanese corporation is well-known across the world for its work as a developer and publisher of video games, trading cards, and anime. Classic video games such as Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Castlevania, Contra, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Dance Dance Revolution were all first released by this company. Their video games came out on many different consoles and did very well in many different markets.

The existing team, which is already working on multiple projects, will be in charge of developing “new experiences” via the design and implementation of “new systems” as well as “new services.” The Web3 trend, which has been popular since 2021, was started by the widespread use of non-fungible tokens. This is also the main reason for entering the next phase of mainstream adoption in order to build a sustainable business in the booming decentralised ecosystem.

Digital assets have been used by a variety of businesses operating in a wide range of industries in order to provide their consumers and audiences with novel experiences as well as fresh channels via which they may interact with their preferred goods or creators. Big companies like Konami and others at the top of their fields have noticed that Web3 and digital assets have a huge amount of potential to change the entertainment business. 

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