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Japan Plans To Introduce Metaverse In Educational Service To Encourage Students

The Japanese city of Toda, Saitama, has set up a metaverse-schooling service to encourage students to go to school, especially those who live a long way from their schools.

Students are given the opportunity to visit the campus and attend classes in virtual environments because of the metaverse education service that the city of Toda has chosen. Local news station NHK has confirmed that students must first get permission from their schools’ administrators before they can take part in metaverse education.

According to statistics compiled by the Japanese government in FY 2021, there were 244,940 kids enrolled in elementary and junior high schools in Japan who were absent for at least 30 days. In its broadcast, NHK emphasised the fact that a fifth-grader expressed interest in participating in online chat rather than physically attending school. Despite the fact that the youngster has not physically attended school in more than two years, they expressed a desire to get together with their pals to play tag and other outdoor activities.

Officials in Japan are laying their bets on metaverse education as a way to help kids interact with the people around them, despite the fact that continuous attempts to boost school attendance remain a difficulty.

The director of Toda’s education facility, Sugimori Masayuki, has high expectations that pupils of the metaverse will mature and one day be able to function as autonomous members of society. A partnership between the city of Fukuoka and Astar Japan Labs was recently announced as part of the city’s efforts to become Japan’s Web3 centre.

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