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Iran Importer Association seeks regulatory clarity over crypto usage on imported goods

Iran Importer Association has now demanded a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. This comes after the Iranian government permits the use of crypto to pay for goods and services in a formal manner. A rule must be put in place before digital assets may be used to pay for imports going forward.

President of Iran’s Importers Group and Representatives of Foreign Companies (Import Association), Alireza Managhebi, has emphasised the need for transparent and uniform regulations over cryptocurrencies. If Iran were to continue using digital assets to pay for imports, this practice would have to be accorded the attention it deserves.

According to a government official,

“The usage of crypto and smart contracts will be pervasive in international trade with target nations by the end of September.”

Managhebi noted that if given the proper regulatory infrastructure, digital assets might become very valuable. Managhebi shared the opinion and voiced some scepticism that the formal use of digital assets for imports would soon put an end to the dominance of the dollar in the Iranian market. This raises the possibility that the advent of rent-seeking commercial organisations might result from the new cryptocurrency payment mechanism.

The group stated that solid rules in this area as well as education and training of individuals to use this new technology in Iran are very important. Earlier this month, Iran placed its first international import order using $10 million in crypto.

The deal’s specifics, like the quantity of digital assets employed or even the quantity of imported items involved, have not been made public by the relevant officials. It was stated that the order for $10 million had been the first of many such international exchanges to be carried out with the aid of cryptocurrencies. Since 2017, Iran has intended to use digital assets. It revised previously released regulations in October 2020 to allow for the usage of crypto in import transactions. The Iranian Trade Ministry granted 30 operational licences to Iranian miners in June of last year to mine cryptocurrencies that were intended to be sold to Iran’s national bank.

The country is now paying for imports with these minted coins. Iran is reportedly expecting the usage of digital assets and smart contracts to be widespread in commerce with target countries by the end of September.

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