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Indian social media app Chingari announces its first video NFT marketplace

Chingari, an Indian social networking app, has announced the establishment of the first-ever video NFT marketplace. Chingari describes Creator Cuts as the world’s first video NFT (vNFT) marketplace.

The team explained in a press release that Creator Cuts is intended to not only provide creators with a unique financial and community engagement opportunity, but also to allow the community to connect with their favourite creators by owning a piece of their unique art while also reaping monetary benefits from the same.

The company claimed that customers who buy NFTs on the site will get 10% of the creator’s daily revenue in Gari based on the interaction they generate on their videos on the Chingari app.

Furthermore, each video has been allocated a unique pricing depending on the creator’s activity on the Chingari app. Anyone (Chingari user or non-user) may then purchase these NFTs. The Chingari platform, powered by GARI, has been active since 2018 and is the world’s fastest-growing on-chain social app.

The Indian-based app has established itself as a one-stop shop for amusing and engaging videos in a variety of categories such as dancing, singing, transformation, and inventive talents. Meanwhile, GARI allows short-form video makers to monetize their material on the Blockchain by using the GARI token.

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