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Hyderabad cops arrest 8 drug dealers who use crypto as payment

The Hyderabad Narcotics Enforcement Wing used Darknet to uncover a drug trafficking network and apprehend eight peddlers. They were found with 1450 grams of ganja, 184 LSD blots, 140 grams of charas, and 10 grams of MDMA. C V Anand, Hyderabad Police Commissioner:

“All of the transactions on the darkish internet are completed by way of cryptocurrency cost. The arrests are linked to worldwide cartels.” 

Six peddlers were arrested together with Farhan Mohammad Ansari alias Terminator and Narendra Arya aka Holy Store. Police recognised 30 clients and noted three occurrences.

Narendra was delivering drugs to the homes of clients or second-level peddlers using social media platforms, the dark web, single-use crypto wallets, and numerous covert apps.

Farhan Mohd Ansari used the dark internet and social media in the same way. He also delivered the medication by courier. They covered up the nefarious dealings by using the murky internet. Utkarsh Umang, one of the arrested men, obtained major gifts from Narendra and Farhan, which he used in events he hosted at five-star hotels.

“As of now, 30 customers have been identified, and action may be taken in accordance with the law,” said CV Anand.

Cyber Police seize Rs 55 lakh worth of crypto

Cybercrime police from Cyberabad busted a fraudulent contact centre based in Kolkata, West Bengal, and 17 persons were arrested, along with Rs 55 lakh in bitcoin.

Authorities say they carried out the raid after receiving a tip They raided a villa within the Cyberabad Commissionerate and apprehended three persons. During questioning, the suspects revealed details regarding the false contact centres that operated out of the main branch in Kolkata.

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Cyber Police bust fake call centre, seizing Rs 55 lakh in cryptocurrency



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