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Crypto platform “hi” partners with Mastercard to launch NFT debit cards

On September 25, the cryptocurrency financial app “hi“, in partnership with the multinational financial services company Mastercard, announced the launch of the first non-fungible token (NFT) personalised debit cards via tweet.

NFT debit cards

Hi recently announced that eligible cardholders would be able to personalise the faces of their debit cards with their preferred NFTs. The card can be used at more than 90 million places worldwide that accept Mastercard.

Hi’s co-founder, Sean Rach, said, “The NFT cards not only look incredible, but they are also a fantastic way for people to demonstrate in the real world that they are a part of a certain online community. With the option to spend cash, stablecoins, or other cryptocurrencies, along with tempting financial and lifestyle advantages, we are convinced that our card will revolutionise the industry.”

With the platform’s recent partnership with Mastercard, users can enjoy a variety of perks.

Advantages of NFT debit cards

Depending on the level of hi membership, there are six different versions of the Debit Mastercard offered by hi, each with a unique set of characteristics.

As per the company’s declaration, the new debit card would make it simple for cryptocurrency users to spend both digital currencies and fiat money. 

Additionally, it guarantees the lowest prices and provides rebates on 1–20 digital memberships, in addition to a 1–10% return on investment.

Nonetheless, the hi Debit Card will initially be accessible to customers of hi in more than 25 EEA countries, along with the UK.

 A few NFT collections, such as Goblins, Bored Apes, Azukis, CryptoPunks, and Moonbirds, will be supported by NFT avatar modification, which is only available to gold members and higher.

Owners of NFTs will need to present ownership documentation in order to apply for card customization.

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