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GitHub suspends account of Tornado Cash co-founder Roman Semenov following sanctions on Tornado Cash

Roman Semenov, one of Tornado Cash’s co-founders, informed in a Twitter post on August 9, about the suspension of his account on the development site GitHub following the sanctions on Tornado Cash by the US Treasury Department on August 8. The US regulator put Tornado Cash, a cryptocurrency mixer, website and a huge variety of Ethereum addresses to its Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list, thus prohibiting US residents from utilizing the service or trading with these addresses. According to information, Treasury alleges that Tornado Cash had laundered over $7 billion in cryptocurrencies.

Semenov described the decision to suspend his account as a little ridiculous.

What is SDN?

Classification as SDN restricts any association with the individual for any kind of commercial purposes, it may also include GitHub links. The classification also covers unauthorized transactions including taking software from a sanctioned entity.

According to Brian Nelson, Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, US residents have been successfully forbidden from utilizing the crypto mixer now. The crypto mixers’ services have been suspected of their unsuccessful enforcement of safeguards in addressing money laundering activities.

Crypto community views on sanctions on Tornado Cash

Some pro-crypto activists say that the Treasury’s actions against Tornado Cash primarily aimed at punishing an impartial tool rather than prosecuting those who were using it illegally.

On Github account suspension, Erik Vorhees, a famous crypto business founder, blasted not just the news but also Github for upholding the dictatorship of the US government’s sanctions list. He stated in Twitter post that the only people affected by this are law-abiding Americans.

The Crypto community also argued that the restrictions were unconstitutional, citing a number of federal court rulings that had already recognized source code as speech and that are being guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Some members also suggested that it was the simplicity of Github that it may be able to suspend the accounts of people like Semenov out of their work. It demonstrates the necessity for more decentralized web-building tools.

As per information, Tornado Cash was involved in many big decentralized financial susceptibilities, including a $375 million assault on Wormhole in February and a $100 million hack on Horizon Bridge in June.

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