German financial firm announces to introduce Shiba Inu on its platform
Monday, January 30, 2023
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German financial firm Vivid Money announces to introduce Shiba Inu on its platform

According to a tweet published on July 5 by vivid Money, a German-based finance services business, has expressed support for SHIB. Apart from introducing Shiba Inu to the network, it also tweeted about a doubled cashback and incentives scheme for Shiba Inu members.

Shibainuart, a Shib-focused Twitter account, suggests,

“I had a fantastic conversation with @vivid en yesterday. They are introducing an incredible card offer especially for the SHIB EU society who registers for the Visa Card.  Purchasing of SHIB on Vivid Money marketplace will be available as one of their registered assets.”

In other upshot, bitcoinblack, a VIP crypto credit card available only to 10,000 global users, now supports Shiba Inus (SHIB). The card is protected by the cardholder’s cryptocurrency. It is seen as a portal to a realm of premium products and services, along with exclusive members-only events.

Members may use the bitcoinblack VIP credit card to transform major cryptocurrencies, along with Shiba Inu, to spendable cash. There seem to be no spending caps for members anyplace where Visa is accepted.

Shiba Inu releases TREAT

In a blog article, Shiba Inu head developer Shytoshi Kusama expressed his aspirations for Shibarium, SHI, and the Shiba Inu Metaverse, among other things.

Shiba Inu recently released the findings of the DAO vote, which reserved 20 million BONE for the manufacture of validators and procedures under Shibarium Layer 2. As per Shytoshi Kusama, head developer of Shiba Inu, Shiba Inu is releasing TREAT for all others.

TREAT would not only act as a reward system, but it will also produce prizes for the Metaverse and the blockchain form of the Shiba Collectible Card Game, and also add to SHI’s balance.

Shiba Inu was last traded slightly higher at $0.000010.

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