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GameSwift teams up with Polygon to launch Web3 gaming

GameSwift, a Web3 gaming solution, has formed a strategic agreement with the Polygon network. GameSwift and Polygon teamed up to launch their own chain, which will be based on the Polygon Edge framework. The platform is targeting gamers and gaming protocols in the Web3 gaming arena to assist in addressing the ongoing challenges that are limiting the sector’s growth.

GameSwift will coordinate GameFi engineers’ development efforts so that they can transform popular Web2 games into exciting Web3 ideas. The GameSwift team decided to set up their own chain on the Polygon Edge platform after carefully examining security, scalability, on-chain transaction costs, and user base statistics.

GameSwift, formerly known as StarTerra, underwent a rebranding to allow it to concentrate on its gaming segments. This is not surprising considering that StarTerra’s gamification of the crowdfunding process was one of the reasons it became one of the biggest protocols on the Terra network.

According to CEO of StarTerra, Wojciech Gruszka, the move to web3 and metaverse gaming is an effort to address the problems that the market is currently experiencing. 

Polygon is the fastest-growing EVM-compatible network, and its unrivalled developer experience, end-to-end compliance with MetaMask — the most popular wallet for EVM chains — and exceptional throughput make it appealing to GameSwift.

The GameSwift team will make use of the most recent advancements in Polygon’s (MATIC) feature-rich ecosystem of tools in addition to their own creative approaches.

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