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FTX US president Brett Harrison resigns from his position

Brett Harrison, on September 27, announced his resignation from his post as the president of FTX US via tweet. Harrison also stated that he will still work as an employee of the exchange “with the objective of reducing technological impediments to full participation in and development of global crypto markets, both centralised and decentralised.”

Harrison began serving as the president of FTX US in May 2021 after leaving his position at Citadel Securities. The former president will keep on supporting founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried “to ensure FTX’s exit with all its usual vigour.”

In addition to this big shift in FTX on September 27 FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried announced plans to shift the company’s headquarters from Chicago to Miami. Notably US top crypto exchange established its Chicago branch in May.

Top crypto exchange CEOs are continuing to resign

Notably, Harrison ‘s resignation was the most recent and prominent resignation in the cryptocurrency industry. Moreover, Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky on Tuesday announced his resignation with immediate effect, citing the “difficult financial circumstances” that consumers were experiencing. In addition to the list of resignations, Kraken’s Jesse Powell announced his resignation on September 21, from the post of CEO. After Powell, the company’s chief operating officer, Dave Ripley, will be the new CEO of Kraken. Powell, after stepping down from the CEO post, said he will continue to operate on the exchange’s board. Apart from that, Michael Saylor, in August, announced that he would resign from his position but continue as executive chair.



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