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Former Google CEO says Bitcoin is remarkable achievement of cryptography

New experts continued to be a topic of conversation among new experts in the field of cryptocurrency. However, these digital assets frequently lead to disagreements among them as a result of divergent perspectives. While some of them view it as a technical development for currencies, others continue to view it with scepticism. The former CEO of Google is included in the first group because of his views on bitcoin.

 The development of the leading cryptocurrency appears to have captured Eric Schmidt’s interest, a former CEO and Chairman of Google. 

His actions indicate that he is a crypto enthusiast. As a video of Google CEO Eric Schmidt going viral in which he is praising Bitcoin by stating Bitcoin technology as a “remarkable achievement” is currently making the rounds online.

In reality, the video was a still image from Schmidt’s speech at the Computer History Museum in 2014. The former Google CEO explains Bitcoin’s fundamental structure and why it’s important in the modern era in the video.

He emphasised the technology behind bitcoin during the conversation and cited its significance in modern society. According to him, Bitcoin is a noteworthy cryptographic accomplishment. It has the capacity to produce something special that cannot be duplicated. Schmidt claims that this characteristic makes bitcoin very appealing in the internet space.

Schmidt claims that the fundamental design of cryptography is “a tremendous step forward.” Schmidt had the foregoing concepts. Although at the time they were obviously ignored, they were important first steps in the rise of bitcoin.

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