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Ethereum Foundation reveals final date of Merge

A much-awaited upgrade to the Ethereum [ETH] network has been generating a lot of buzz in the crypto community. The Ethereum Foundation released a blog post on August 24 in which it revealed the precise date for the much anticipated Merge. The Merge is set to occur on September 6. The Ethereum Foundation also announced in a blog post that between August 24 and September 8, any “Merge-related bounties for vulnerabilities” for white hats testing the network will be tripled.

By merging, Ethereum’s proof-of-work consensus network will become proof-of-stake. The mainnet and Beacon Chain both will co-exist at this time, but only the mainnet handles transactions. Ethereum will be entirely proof of stake after the merger. The Beacon Chain will begin certifying the Ethereum mainnet’s blockchain using a reward-penalty scheme rather than costs based on processing power.

The Ethereum community panel’s Communications Lead, Joseph Schweitzer, tweeted on August 24 to urge his followers to “upgrade your clients” as the Merge approaches.

Schweitzer’s report indicates that the Bellatrix upgrade is planned for Beacon Chain epoch 144896 at 11:34:47 UTC on September 6, 2022. The TTD value, projected between September 10 and 20, 2022, is 5875000000000000000. 

The Ethereum team discovered a glitch that resulted in the “tri/state going bad,” according to Szilágyi, who cited one of the pull requests that was incorporated into the new storage model or online string trimmer. The developer acknowledged that the “Geth [mess-up]” was public and reassured the Ethereum community that their team would do stress testing more effectively going forward. With the official Merge announcement, it seems that the team has fixed the problems.

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