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Ethereum co-founder all set to launch his book titled as Proof of Stake

On August 31, Ethereum co-founder and CEO, Vitalik Buterin, announced the release of its upcoming book Proof of Stake, a 10 years compilation of his writings via tweet.

Buterin revealed in the tweet that the book will be released in digital and physical form on September 27, 2022.

Moreover, Vitalik said that the entire revenue generated by selling the books would go into supporting the open-source public goods through Gitcoin Grants. In addition to that Ethereum co-founder also announced that interested readers will get a signed digital copy of the book as well as related NFT.

As per the site, “Donate any amount of Ethereum to get signed digital books by Vitalik and an NFT. You will be able to mint the non-transferable NFT and as soon as the book gets available, you will get access to a signed digital copy.”

Out of 100% pledges made on the book’s official site, 90% of funds were given to a matching pool of Gitcoin Grants and the rest 10% to the book publisher i.e., Seven Stories Press, for providing a helping hand to public goods in independent publishing.

Moreover, readers can also purchase the book from many retailers like Walmart, Amazon and Barnes & Noble to ensure the wide distribution of the book.

The snippet on the site said, “the writings from the book Proof of Stake, gathered from his essays prior to and during the ascent of Ethereum which uncover Buterin as a vivid and imaginative writer, the context from media studies researcher Nathan Scheider.”

“While numerous around him was centered around seeing the worth of their tokens rise, he was figuring out through the issues and potential outcomes of making an Internet-local world.”

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