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EPNS rebrands into Push Protocol to mark its step in multichain future

On September 27, EPNS, also known as the Ethereum Push Notification Service, rebranded to Push Protocol in its “first move towards a multi-chain communication future.”

All current “channels, notifications, $PUSH token, and app all stay identical” as the branding’s implementation on September 27.

The protocol declared in a post that the change represented the expansion of EPNS outside Ethereum. The blog article detailed two significant innovations that led to the change.


The first step is to support L1 and L2 tokens besides Ethereum and the second is to progress past notification and embrace “all forms of communication.”

“Push Protocol will keep developing by making flexible, decentralised middleware available as a public good to resolve the issue of decentralised communication.”

A communication layer called EPNS makes it possible for consumers to get notifications from web3 dApps in a way that was previously unfeasible. 

In order to enable notifications based on on-chain events, clients can download the EPNS app and link their wallets. Owing to its decentralised middleware architecture, it asserts to be network independent and censorship resilient.

Users can use the service to make sure they are updated on governance proposals from DAOs like MakerDAO, before an ENS domain expires, or even to receive in-game alerts from web3 games. The protocol has issued 17 million alerts across 100 channels since January 2022 to 60,000 members.

The program will become more open to additional types of communication, like wallet-to-wallet messaging, with the shift to Push Protocol.

“The web3 user experience will be as smooth and simple as what we have come to expect from web2 in the future, which we have already begun to construct.”

Push Protocol concentrates on enhancing web3’s user experience, which is widely acknowledged to require a significant makeover. 

The response from the public to the makeover has been very encouraging, with Polkastarter being the first to applaud the team and offer a congenial response.

What is EPNS and Push protocol?

A push notification system for web3 is called Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS). It allows any user or dapp to deliver alerts to a group of people who have subscribed to a certain channel (anyone who sends alerts in EPNS is considered a channel). 

Push Protocol establishes the foundation for multi-chain, general-purpose communication while preserving all of EPNS’s push alerts functionality. Push Protocol may bridge the communication gap to transmit data over the internet because communication is widespread.

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