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ED seizes Bitcoin worth Rs 13 crore

The Enforcement Directorate has seized Bitcoin worth Rs 13 crore from Kolkata’s Aamir Khan, whose residence the department earlier this month helped recover over Rs 17 crore in undeclared cash from. Following the seizure of Rs. 50 crore from several locations connected to senior TMC leader and former Bengal minister Partha Chatterjee, it was one of the greatest black money seizures.

The ED has been looking into the money trail against E-Nuggets, the mobile gaming app owned by the accused Aamir Khan. This is because it was discovered that he was utilising the cryptocurrency exchange Binance to move some of the ‘proceeds of crime’ to foreign accounts.

ED seizes Bitcoin worth Rs 13 crore
ED seizes Bitcoin worth Rs 13 crore

The Enforcement Directorate stated:

“Investigation revealed that the accused was transferring part of the amount illegally earned through the gaming app (E-Nuggets) to overseas accounts by using crypto currency exchanges.  In what can turn the case into a potentially bigger crime than that of an unaccounted cash stash found on an obscure figure.”

The case is the result of a FIR against Khan and others associated with E-nuggets that the Kolkata Police filed after receiving complaints from the Federal Bank officials. The mobile game app, according to ED, was created with the intention of scamming its users.

Amir Khan, who was detained by the city police on September 24 after being apprehended by the Kolkata Police in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, will next appear in court in Kolkata on October 8 at a lower level of court. 

Meanwhile, the ED was keen to apprehend Amir Khan so that they could find the other scam victims. The central agency’s future line of legal action in this instance will be determined by what happens in court on October 8. On September 10, the ED raided six sites in Kolkata in compliance with the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

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